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Motorbike Camping Out Trailers: Encased Sport Bike Movie Trailer Using Camper

A motorbike, for some will be the citation to help freedom. Compared with a vehicle, a motorbike gives you an authentic and even more are living experience of any vacation, while using the path racing recent, in . out of your ft .. Motorbike outdoor camping trailers made the life span of an biker so much easier. Now a person does not have to think about finding motels or even locating a area to change or even to camp. Your encapsulated sport bike trailers technology fixes all your bed linens in addition to backpacking difficulties. An up to date scooter 150cc for sale camping outdoors trailer home is often a small stream-lined, rolling pill attached to your current mountain bike, made to carry the only thing you desire to take on the prolonged cycle excursion. It's optimally fashioned lumination, to ensure that it ends up being while helpful as you possibly can. Mankind's inbuilt desire, inherited from the nomadic ancestry and family history maybe, is always to go. Present day nomad techniques all around using a energy run street bike together with his own modest caravan, a bicycle camping outdoors trailer home connected powering. Your kids ATVs journey is a nice technique to sit in addition to take into consideration existence with all the earth racing beyond a person! These types of railers is now custom-made and also designed to the desires and also style. They're fashioned, in order to always be pleasantly drawn by mountain bike, presently. Many normal trailers currently possess a 'pop-up' style of a new tent, and this can be simply build in addition to nice a expanable blow up beds. They can be beautifully reasonably priced and aren't while high-priced like a caravan pickup. They are often utilized as people as well as trailers or simply trailers. If you can't want to go camping about the outskirts, and want the trailer only as a storage area car, then an backpacking tools are easy to remove. You could, then have many storage area. The best advice will be to steer clear of in which! Hiking can be unarguably, more fun! As a few, travelling in the outlying, a camping trailers that has a 300cc trike, is exactly what you would like. You may have to develop a change in a person's bicycle in order to website link a clip by it. A clip person's body is generally built with material, which makes it lighting plus is comprised diamond jewelry shell. Many make use of a abs plastic, fiberglass shape, and on the inner use a vinyl fabric shell. It's repaired together with a pair of small wheels of course, that happen to be made for prolonged travel and difficult ground.

Posted: 20:31, 2013-Aug-7
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The Diamond Tiffany Jewelry of the New Couple - The-Dream and Christina Milian are False

It is all known that the-Dream and Christina Milian are good partners in career.But you may not know well that they have got married in Las Vegas last week, which has been comfirmed by the MTV.Hot Sales for 2010 Winter: ugg tall and Accessories

Even there are their marriage photos online. With shinning tiffany rings, white wedding dresses, the two looked very happy.It is said that they will go to Rome soon.And they will swear again in front of their relatives and friends who didn??t go to Australia when their anniversary approaches.10 Reasons for You to Pick hair straighteners for sale

Despite there is the report that Milian rented the dress of Grammy Award winner. Gifts of charm bracelets for the Lowest Pricesand someone even said that their Tiffany rings were also fake,But according to people who are familiar with the matter, those are all rumors. Useful Trend Bible to Cope with the Spoil of your tiffany uk

Their dresses fit them so well that all their special charming and personalities are displayed according to what they have said.

They were acquainted with each other in January of this year.But only after a month since they met, they were photographed wearing tiffany love rings and necklaces.

But they denied at that time, saying they are just ordinary friends.However, they were already married in instant time, and we have abundant reasons to believe that they will certainly be happy.

Posted: 01:19, 2010-Jan-18 in Jewellery
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keen price Tiffany's gem store in uk

The tiffany jewelry, the best selling sterling silver jewelry, always sells very fast once it is released because it is super-popular among ladies and thoughtful men. To lady, love yourself; treat yourself with the yearning tiffany. To men, love her; give her what she wants---tiffany jewelry. Hurry up; otherwise, the popular ones will be out of stock.

Tiffany & Co. 1837 Collection Cuff Links Description
1837 cuff links. genuine silver.
Retail Price:$330.00
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Welcome to buy fashion tiffany accessories, in this page, you will find some classic engravable cuff links, such as Almond Cuff Links, BEAN Cuff Links, Comma cuff links, Eternal Circle Cuff Links, Numerical Cuff Links, Oval Tag Cuff Links and so on.

Tiffany & Co. Ten row chain HEART Bracelet Description
Ten-row chain HEART bracelet. genuine silver, 7.25" long.
Retail Price:$415.00
Our Price:$45.99

Bangles are typically bracelets that are made without clasps or closures. They can be elegantly worn singly or in bunches. Bangle bracelet are now worn by fashion conscious young girls with as much style as their mothers and grandmothers wore as part of ritual and tradition. Tiffany & Co bracelets are very famous for offering many styles of bracelets with top quality and low price. TiffanyOnsale is the online shopping for Tiffany & Co Bracelets and Bangles Jewelry.

Tiffany & Co. Signature Earrings Description
signature Earrings, for pierced ears. genuine silver.
Retail Price:$290.00
Our Price:$49.99

Finding earrings jewellery and buying earrings online, United kingdom online shore Tiffanys jewellery is your best choose. It is well known that a Tiffany earring is the gentlest gift to ones love. We offer tiffany & Co silver earrings, hoop earrings, drop earrings , heart earrings and so on. In addition, we feel nothing beats this quality for the look and value that you will receive!
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Posted: 23:44, 2009-Apr-15 in Jewellery
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brilliant Tiffany & Co earrings as the accessories for professionals

Tiffany is the everlasting expression of love. Love her; give her tiffany, the token for engagement and wedding. Nothing will be more suitable and special. No hesitation, get tiffany set or even a tiffany inspired necklace, pendant, bracelet, earring, or ring. You are enjoying discount price at

Tiffany & Co. 1837 CUSHION BANGLE Bracelet Description
CUSHION BANGLE Bracelet, genuine Silver, wrist size (diameter) 2.16". Please make sure the size is correct.
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Bangles are typically bracelets that are made without clasps or closures. They can be elegantly worn singly or in bunches. Bangle bracelet are now worn by fashion conscious young girls with as much style as their mothers and grandmothers wore as part of ritual and tradition. Tiffany & Co bracelets are very famous for offering many styles of bracelets with top quality and low price. TiffanyOnsale is the online shopping for Tiffany & Co Bracelets and Bangles Jewelry.

Tiffany & Co. Letter T Lock Charm Description
Your own personal Tiffany letter. Lock charm in silver. Lock opens and closes.
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Tiffany Charms. The trusted details. A permanent part of your everyday life. Tiffanys jewellery presents you with exclusive creations of Tiffany Charms that telegraph urban style, sophistication and a discerning eye.

Tiffany & Co. Frank Gehry Fish Ring Description
This beguiling shape is absolutely mezmerizing. Ring in silver.
Retail Price:$225.99
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A ring is the perfect symbol of the love two people share for one another. With an engagement ring, two people are betrothed to each other and with the wedding ring, two people are wed. Tiffany & Co rings are unequaled in quality, with close attention to detail. In our rings collection, you can find classical, elegant and various very necessary styles of rings. And all rings sizes range from 5 to 11 US size.
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I am a faithful customer to because they always make me feel secure, whether about the product itself or something else, such as shipping, payment, post-sale service.

Posted: 23:43, 2009-Apr-15 in Jewellery
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Tiffany and Co jewelry shop

Tiffany is the everlasting expression of love. Love her; give her tiffany, the token for engagement and wedding. Nothing will be more suitable and special. No hesitation, get tiffany set or even a tiffany inspired necklace, pendant, bracelet, earring, or ring. You are enjoying discount price at

Tiffany & Co. 1837 COLLAR Description
COLLAR Necklace, genuine Silver.
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Tiffany & Co. 3 OPEN HEART Necklace Description
3 OPEN HEART Necklace, genuine Silver, 16" Long.
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In tiffanys jewellery online necklace store, You can chase after every kind of Tiffany necklace you want, such as Silver Necklaces, Heart Necklaces, Beaded necklaces and Chain necklaces. The necklace styles are from classic to modern, and there must be one type to fit you.

Tiffany & Co. 6 LARGE CONTINUOUS HEART Bracelet Description
6 LARGE CONTINUOUS HEART bracelet. genuine silver, 7.25" long.
Retail Price:$515.00
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Bangles are typically bracelets that are made without clasps or closures. They can be elegantly worn singly or in bunches. Bangle bracelet are now worn by fashion conscious young girls with as much style as their mothers and grandmothers wore as part of ritual and tradition. Tiffany & Co bracelets are very famous for offering many styles of bracelets with top quality and low price. TiffanyOnsale is the online shopping for Tiffany & Co Bracelets and Bangles Jewelry.
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SP CCIE return on investment

In order to operators to provide quality products and technical support, has been a source of Cisco's core earnings, it can be said, sp represents the essence of Cisco technology, he is a mature technology and rich details of the area.

1: Learning into (the pilot test operator through the 2nd)

Training costs: a total of 14,800

Examination fee: 3150 written test 10,850

Learning inputs Total: 14800 +3150 +10850 * 2 = 39650 
HP0-J15 640-802 350-018
Note: The above study conservatively estimated the cost (2nd pass the exam)

2: The inaugural direction

SP CCIE to obtain after the inauguration of the main units of major ISP operators, original equipment (CISCO, Huawei, JUNIPER, and so on) CISCO gold, silver agents

3: return on investment

If the certification made after calculation of a monthly salary of 8,000 per month, the conservative estimate of 5 months to recover the cost. And you with the deployment of large network of experienced, senior engineer to do follow-up to the annual salary of 15-20W. If you want to enter the major carriers . Large-scale deployment of network operators in particular soft spot for the deployment of the network. For example, telecommunications networks, then you choose SP CCIE  646-204 646-230 MB7-517  is the most professional counterparts.

Posted: 01:30, 2008-Dec-17
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Both Candidates Focus on Obama?

Earlier in the day in Ohio, John McCain had warned of the dangers of one party rule and come up with a new character to fuel his campaign, Barack the Redistributor, a man "more interested in controlling wealth than in creating it." But Obama, while still hitting McCain on the economy, chose to launch a broader attack against his opponent, describing him as having an intellectual bankruptcy that has left him dependent on small change. "If you can't beat your opponent's ideas, you distort those ideas and maybe make some up," Obama said of McCain's tactics. "If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run away from. You make a big election about small things."

642-444 70-631 MB7-515 350-029 000-331 642-811 642-445 9L0-509 642-061

And then he turned McCain's attacks back against him. The way out of this ditch, Obama argued, was rewarding drive and innovation but also making sure businesses look out for workers and play by the rules. "That's how we've always grown the American economy ?? from the bottom up. John McCain calls this socialism. I call it opportunity, and there is nothing more American than that." And the crowd raised the steel roof of the Mellon arena.

642-105 70-526 EX0-100 MB7-517 642-586 70-290 640-863

Posted: 01:02, 2008-Oct-28
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Chinese IT elite list of the 10 cattle were

Far from clearing the IT arena of struggle and battle each other grievances, we find that these IT people have had a common sweet Remembrance: University.
In those days not only dominated the later laid a foundation, has also become exhausted after the most ideal to miss. And in the IT arena for the fight of the people, the University is the first starting point for the campaign, many of them in college began to write our own unique story, university life has been played their success of the The first movement. Today, let us open China's vast territory famous IT, IT into the top 10 Chinese famous universities.
"Taiwan's Jiaotong University," Li Cheng half of IT 640-802 Cisco 350-001

In the IT map of China, Taiwan Jiaotong University strength is "very terror" China Taiwan's IT almost half from the school. In Taiwan, with the Hsinchu Science Park close to Jiaotong University, known as the cradle of high-tech talent training. China Taiwan in many electronic products, Applied Science and Technology, developed by the National Chiao Tung University

Who recorded: Acer founder Stan Shih, the Chinese Tim Chen, Microsoft, Cisco Du Jiabin

Comments star: Acer founder Stan Shih: Taiwan's Jiaotong University, Electrical Engineering Institute 642-901 Cisco 642-825

Stan Shih to show off the best thing is to create a large corps of Acer. In 1971 and graduated from Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University Study Institute, he works in the creation of a 976-year Acer

Cisco Dujia Bin, vice president of the Asia-Pacific Region: Taiwan Jiaotong University Professional Engineering 642-812 Cisco 640-863

Du Jiabin early years and graduated from Taiwan's Jiaotong University, from IT career began in China Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute. Hewlett-Packard in the 10 years he served as the first president of Microsoft China. In October 1998, he served as president of Cisco China. In August this year, transferred to the Asia-Pacific Region president

Posted: 02:28, 2008-Oct-14
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Microsoft announced a technical support mainstream Win2003 stop

Since mid-2008, Microsoft announced a technical support mainstream Win2003 stop, has been to speed up the certification system in the old and the new turn of the examination process, in October 2008 Update of Certification MCSE2000 is also related to the examination of major adjustment!

We have been watching the Microsoft certification exam updates For more information, please contact them

Windows Server 2003 and related examinations void
70-292: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment for an MCSA Certified on Windows 2000
70-296: Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment for an MCSE Certified on Windows 2000
70-232: Implementing and Maintaining Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies and Microsoft Application Center 2000
70-210: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
70-214: Implementing and Managing Security in a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
70-215: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
70-216: Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
70-217: Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
70-218: Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment
70-219: Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
70-220: Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network
70-221: Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
70-226: Designing Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies

The new tests are:
MB4-175 - Solomon Inventory and Order Processing v.5.5
70-300 - MCSD .NET Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures
MB4-349 - Sl 6.5 Installation & Configuration
70-121 - Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions for Small and Medium Organizations
MB3-215 - Great Plains 8.0 Integration Manager
070-447 - UPGRADE:MCDBA Skills to MCITP DB Admin by Using MS SQL 2005
70-089 - Planning, Deploying, and Managing Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003
MB6-206 - Axapta 3.0 Installation & Configuration
70-536 - TS:MS.NET Framework 2.0-Application Develop Foundation
MB5-537 - Retail Management System 2.0 Store Operations
MB3-010 - Great Plains Inventory and Order Processing v.7.0
70-315 - MCAD .NET Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET
MB7-224 - Navision 4.0 Manufacturing
70-400 - TS:MS System Center Operations Manager, Configuring
MB6-288 - Axapta 3.0 Product Builder

Posted: 19:00, 2008-Oct-10
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IT industry how to prepare a new Microsoft certification exam

For many of the new IT industry, as a starting point to choose what kind of test is the first to face.

My first suggestion is to choose the Microsoft certification.

For the following reasons, MS of the most widely used, which means you now have learned, the possibility of future use, have a great chance. Cisco to, for example, suppose you as a fresh graduates passed the CCNP certification. However, employers dare you use it? First of all, he may ask your CCNP come from experience, because as a student, to the use of CISCO equipment are not many opportunities. MS is different in a general on your PC can be installed WINDOWS 2003, when you mentioned his employer in the MS work experience and more credible. Unless you have found a way similar to telecommunications companies, generally speaking, for a company, even if there is a CISCO equipment tend to be finished debugging, and may not be there a year and then change the settings, and also no CISCO to use the equipment. MS, and every day of your servers, workstations to deal with it?
Well, that's Maigua sweet melon! You believe it or not.

The following are my MS certification exams to prepare for some of the recommendations:

To find a good set of teaching materials, carefully read it again, if conditions so hands-on experiments. Now we have a high profile computer, you can install virtual machine, the virtual machine to test for * recommend the use of Vmware.

The choice of materials for individual MS Press recommended the Training Kit. (Top of the Forum have to download) and the strong recommendation of the English version. Although some test subjects have been the subject of Chinese, but I still recommend that you participate in the English exam. The first reason is that the Chinese translation is often inaccurate, sometimes to see if the Chinese do not understand the English. In addition to the latest version of the test is in English, (behind will discuss whether / how to use the bank.) Most of all, as a qualified technical staff, must pass English is the first place, because a lot of up-to-date technical information Are in English. In fact, the computer is relatively simple English, after all, only by reading ability.

The following discussion of a sensitive issue, whether / how to use the bank.

My suggestion is the best use of bank, unless your money is relatively well-off time. Many people think that the bank will not use the long experience, in fact, mainly to see if they are carefully studied every subject. If you simply recite, then you really will not be much improved. My proposal is to introduce a bank as a test ahead of time, the completion of every serious subject, and test their accuracy. The other big questions are often astonishing, often hundreds of thousands of pages of the subject Road, a simple recitation of the machinery there is no understanding on the memory of the high rate of accuracy.

My experience is that the first serious test to do it again in the title, and then on this basis that two to three times fast memory bank. The so-called fast memory is the first description of the subject without looking, just look at the questions and the answers, and then choose the answer, not sure if the answer to see description of the subject.

Finally, on the bank of choice, I generally use the testking bank, but a recent examination actualtest I saw the bank, not bad. The two bank's regular coverage of 100% accuracy rate is generally 90%.
70-291 / 70-305 / 70-306 / 70-310 / 70-315 / 70-316 / 70-320 / 70-271
And please do not ask around about the latest test, chrysanthemum ftp forum on the general question bank is the latest, I would like to thank Jianhua Amidst the old hard work. (For all test subjects is often)

Finally, the bank's answer is not 100% right, if you think there is doubt, I very much welcome your Citie out in the discussions.

Posted: 22:48, 2008-Oct-6
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China Financial Certification Center

China Financial Certification Center (China Financial Certification Authority, referred to as the CFCA) in June 29, 2000 listing established by the People's Bank of China and national security authorities approved the establishment of the authority of the state-level security certification authority is important to the country's financial Information security infrastructure, is also a "People's Republic of China on Electronic Signatures Act" enacted after the first batch of domestic access to electronic authentication services permit one of the CA.
CFCA is the use of international standards of market management system and operation of enterprises, through the ISO9000 quality management system certification. In order to ensure the sustainability of business, state laws and regulations to meet international certification requirements, CFCA has established a high standard of remote disaster backup system. CFCA as the authoritative and impartial third-party security certification body, using the international mainstream of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure Public Key Infrastructure) technology, through the issuance of digital certificates to ensure that the information on-line identity of the two sides of the authenticity of the information confidentiality and integrity of As well as non-repudiation of transactions via the Internet. CFCA "the country's financial security authentication system" is a national 863 program focused on information security technology demonstration projects.

CFCA apply to the provision of enterprises and individuals, Web sites, VPN, e-mail, cell phone use, including more than 10 kinds of digital certificate services and electronic security seal, stamp, dynamic password, Internet banking hosting, security assessment, IT audit, security Product evaluation, security and other integrated development of information security services.

CFCA to provide 7 ?? 24-hour service, established a "three-tier system of support services," in order to provide a unified national customer service hotline 400-880-9888 at the core of the first-line support services, as well as rapid response to the second or even third-line technical support services.

CFCA will be dedicated to provide first-class security certification services, to promote the vigorous development of Chinese e-commerce, authentication has been covering business Internet banking, securities, insurance, taxation, e-commerce, e-government, enterprise groups and other fields. In the financial sector as the only legitimate third-party security certification bodies, most of the domestic Internet banking CFCA have been used to provide information security services into a unified system of financial security certification.

Posted: 20:03, 2008-Sep-23
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Semi-skirt Dachu 100% Hui Toushuai

      There is a woman belonging to the United States only, or long or short, high or low or semi-dress is a woman the right to exclusive, you recklessly in the streets to attract the attention of others, in this summer, edit teach you how to make use of other goods will be single - Denim skirt, Peng-Peng skirts, pencil skirts and tiffany and co  skirt Xuefang Different interpretations to the flavor.

Peng-Peng dress sweet Piaoyao

Sweetness of the European pastoral style, rich sense of the level of Victoria-tops with the gorgeous pink dress Peng-Peng Suihua logo, a sweet image of the Barbie doll was born.

Even on with Jorya; Suihua half-length dress H & M is not pricing; Qipi red high heels Marc By Marc Jacobs (By Rossi Moda) RMB4780; flowers decorated the rope MaxMara  tiffany and co jewelry

Posted: 00:56, 2008-Sep-11
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Tiffany diamond ornaments of luxury reverie

Tiffany diamond ornaments of luxury reverie

   Each section contains all the design Di Funi can only convey the classic style, superior quality, superb technology, can resist the fashion this fall lit the sky, bringing the ultimate fashion charm and extraordinary tiffanys and co distinguished.

     This includes, the convergence of various styles of bracelets, Atlas Series 18 K gold tiffany's co bracelet, Tiffany Metr diamond bracelets, to the history of Long Bojie design of gold enamel bracelets, bracelets and Mesh netted.

Posted: 00:57, 2008-Sep-10
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Japan handmade frame the foundation of charm

"Water" after the celluloid, first of all made of various colors of plastic blocks, and then suppress a plastic plate, and then began a manual cutting and polishing. As celluloid flammable material, it is not possible to mechanized production, this manual has completed all the characteristics of the Japanese Carpenter also formed a unique set of the people of manual mode.

And injection molding machines, large output of plastic glasses frame compared to celluloid frame of the production process to be trouble, the need Jiangren the availability of skilled manual cutting and polishing skills can be competent, such techniques have been completely eradicated in Europe, and in Japan, and only some superb national treasure Laoshi Fu skills in order to create entirely consistent with facial handmade frame.

- Cutting, polishing processes, there is more than a frame of celluloid, large-scale use of Paodao, File, sandpaper, grinding out the texture as if Daimao brightness, in the process of polishing Add to that used in the production go-Shek and the state Nizhuang powder, Grinding 10 hours after Sheung Shui and the stone base powder to grinding, grinding out the frames will be as smooth as pebbles, had to use sheep's clothing detail polishing cloth fine sand pushed and then repair pressure, such as cosmetic, most of the top Brand in the anti-ear on the part of the work is also very particular about using first-class and durable material, the Mosaic law rivets, complex time-consuming work, such a step by step down, each insisted that the Jiangren personally hand-built frame brand, per month are Up to about 300 in two, that precious. Completion of the final frame of celluloid, bring Wenrun meticulous touch, when worn in contact with the skin of the moment, will be deeply felt by the hand celluloid spectacles is different from the general glasses of fine.

Phoenix Satellite TV host Liang Road eyewear frames in the program, invited Dou Wentao stroking his glasses to the unique texture, smooth interface, the scratch, he used that material from celluloid from the hand-polished, Japan would like to master the system frame.

These hand-framed glasses behind, is a bit of the focus on traditional Japanese Jiangren, these are mostly concentrated in the Lao Shifu Japan's Fukui area, has been relying on our own two hands carefully hand-polished production of spectacle frames, some people said that they under the Framed works, the Paris fashion industry equivalent of the senior set uniform, it was also commendable that in the traditional manual process, they create the frame with a retro flavor, and is wearing glasses reflect the new grade.

In order to reflect the charm and hand-frame for these masters of respect, these are usually hand-frame of the legs will be inscribed the names of chefs, these have evolved into a brand name. In Japan, most respected professional Jiangren manual frame six, they left the legs in the mirror of the characters are: "Sasaki and the City", "Thai Balang move", "justice", "long-Xiaozhu Wei "," Constant Mou "," Well households for the United States more than men. "

"Justice" by the justice Masters (Masayoshi) by the Year, Masayoshi was born in Japan's Showa 13 years, as long as 50 years of production experience, makes him level with Japan's national treasure status, professional people are handmade glasses in the Elder-class people, he strictly observe the traditional method of hand-glasses, the celluloid is chosen by the world's largest manufacturers provide KANEKO, and strictly after more than five years of "water", treated the attitude reflected in glasses.

Another prestigious "Thailand Balang would like to" brand to better reflect Japan's manual frame of cultural connotation. "Thailand would like to Balang system" by the Thai Balang-founded, he was born in the Japanese lacquer Jingjiang family, after the 19-year-old manual Zilimenhu started manufacturing glasses, has been insisting until now Liangbinbanbai. "Thailand eyeglasses online would like to Balang system" and not the factory, all of the work by the Thai Balang couples manual completed, work seven days a week, from 9:00 am to 10:00 p.m., seven days a week, every month can only produce 200, to buy it , Must be ordered three months in advance.

For a lifetime of glasses Balang Thai people, it was his comments on the convergence of the cultural diversity of nature, is the real migration has been in the arts and fashion among the people. Some people say that "the structure of the Thai Balang and infatuated with the glasses and facial interpretation of spatial relationships makes him more like an artist." Japan's trend in the promotion of the sector, the Thai Balang would like the system works began to be called "deconstruction of the experimental" and a "can wear the building." The most classic comment, is that Thai Balang "an expression of how to hide, the theme of silence."

Posted: 02:35, 2008-Sep-8
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CCIE exam August 27 to increase from the 10-minute interview in English

Cisco (Cisco), to the company with immediate effect on the CCIE exam in English to increase the e-mail interview. According to e-mail, August 27 from Beijing's CCIE (switching and routing) examination will be new 10-minute interview in English, in a more comprehensive assessment of the candidates skills and network capacity to deal with network problems.

     E-mail read as follows:

     On August 27, Cisco will introduce a pilot for the CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam in Beijing, China. The pilot will add a 10-minute interview that will assess the candidate's ability to apply expert-level networking skills and knowledge to networking problems that are encountered on the job. After the lab orientation, a panel of three experts will conduct a verbal interview with each candidate, asking a series of expert-level networking questions (questions and answers will be in English). The ability to correctly answer these questions will affect the exam score. After completing the interview, the candidate will have the entire 8 hours to complete the lab portion of the exam. These scores will then be calculated and then combined for a total score which will decide a pass or a fail .
     Our goal with this email is to let you know that your day will extend beyond the normal testing day by approximately one hour. The additional hour will be at the end of the day. We hope you find this interview process enlightening and helpful as we continue to strive for the standard the world has come to expect from CCIE.

     Get more information, on the 27th at the first contact of the Chinese companies Cisco Education Manager Mr. Han Jiang. Hanjiang River, China did not have the person in charge of CCIE certification, so he himself is just through the network to understand this message, unable to provide more information. In addition to his knowledge, this has begun to implement the measures.

     Hanjiang also said that the introduction of this measure is conducive to the continuation of Cisco technical personnel selection, a better system of certification exam, after that, and so on through the back way through the examination of the "examination-oriented personnel", an increase of difficulty, the genuine talent Is more reasonable.

     In addition, readers of the information provided, Cisco Consulting resume also confirmed the news:

     Thank you for contacting Certification Support.
     Yes, that's true. The pilot will add a 10-minute interview that will assess the candidate's ability to apply expert-level networking skills and knowledge to networking problems that are encountered on the job.
     If you have further questions regarding the CCIE Certification Program, please visit / go / ccie or visit the CCIE Instant Answers at / go / certsupport.
     Kind regards,
     Certification Support Center

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Jewelry Lianlian Kan - greatflash

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Cisco unified communications client

Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Unified CallManager Express support for large multimedia client applications to further improve the user productivity, simplified business processes.
Cisco Unified Personal Communicator apply to the Cisco Unified CallManager users, will be 642-091 exam is a variety of communications applications and services transparently integrated into a desktop PC applications. It enables the user through a user-friendly interface, quick access to powerful communication tool, voice, video, Web meetings, call management, directory and information, and other states in the network, more efficient communications. It simplifies the communications experience, knowledge-based team and staff to better intelligence, faster and more secure work.

Another option, Cisco IP Communicator to the Microsoft Windows-based personal computers offer advanced telephony features of the software, applied to Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Unified CallManager Express users. No matter where users connect to corporate networks, the application will provide high-quality voice calls, as well as with the user in the office of the same features, including call forwarding, call forwarding and conference calls, and so on. Whether users are in the office, home, or on the road, can maintain high productivity.
And Cisco Unified IP phone, like, Cisco IP Communicator can and Cisco Unified Video Advantage share, which combines software and Cisco VT Camera, to support video CRM Express lntegration, you will cover every field and category The APE for Validating Knowledge helping to ready you for your successful Cisco Certification telephony. Cisco Unified Video Advantage so that users can interface with the telephone call, in its display video on a PC. Cisco video telephony solutions for the configuration and arbitrary Cisco Unified IP phones as simple and can provide a cost-effective, easy to expand, interactive visual communications solutions.

Posted: 20:09, 2008-Aug-1
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In 2009 the global VoIP subscribers will reach 55 million

In 2005 the global VoIP users reached 16 million, is expected in 2009 to over 55 million. The advisory body that, despite the 2005 global VoIP users grew by 62 percent, but some consumers still have not heard from the business, which means that operators will continue to be targeted consumer awareness of VoIP services, which for VoIP market to provide the latter part of the expansion of the scale of space.

     The advisory body of the analysts pointed out that the broadband access market is fierce competition to promote business growth momentum in VoIP, in addition a number of operators, including broadband ISP, cable operators to telecommunications operators, even Access Routing and LAN Switching including the involvement of Google and eBay , Also played a positive role in promoting.

     The  Cisco Certification 642-061 report pointed out that in North America and Canada, cable operators are actively explore the VoIP market, but sales of its VoIP business model is still old-fashioned and traditional telephone services similar. In Asia, Korea has the highest penetration rate of VoIP services, followed by Hong Kong, China and Singapore. In Europe, broadband ISP such as France Telecom and Italy's FastWeb rely on the innovation of the bundling business won the VoIP market leading position.

Posted: 22:54, 2008-Jul-17
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The database is basically there are three types

The database is basically there are three types, is a traditional relational database, but the traditional relational database does not support XML will not, so all the databases are in support of XML, such as Oracle, Sybase, etc. support. XML is also available in the original database, the original XML database is very good, but the information in hospitals and electronic medical records is there are a lot of relationship-type data, is a purely a surface that is wrong, so I am glad to see that Relational and original combination of XML-based database. Therefore, I am very excited, this is the primary contact and XML, or can not find a meeting point, I am very pleased that the beginning of this year IBM's hybrid database to help us solve the problem.
Then we can see, the original expansion of the database is often the split-level, and then integrated into a database object, then this is, after a split of the points go, it is such a structure, I put a few inside the database , More than one level, more than one table, to a very difficult time, but read the wrong one, to return to some improvement over the wrong, we have to know that efficiency be greatly affected. Moreover, all the levels it is not the whole resume I can not stress this point, so I need a direct use of XML storage structure.

This is the primary database, the XML document storage is a lot of the benefits, of course, I am even more exciting is the relationship of health and integration of DB2 9 production.

We can look at, what good is This map has form, there XML, we have some information courtyard with tables of information, I can exist inside this table, some like electronic medical records compared with unstructured clearly difficult, XML on the inside, you can make a hospital information systems get the best results.

Posted: 23:55, 2008-Jul-15
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Visits to the server may not be in the same sub -

If installed in a Windows 2000 Server computer system, set up a Ftp server and Web server functionality, and the computer at the same sub-network of other computers, we can very easily access to the server in the release of information. But unfortunately, in the other sub-network of computers, the server will not be able to directly access the content. Of course, if you can follow the way, a little of the server, also allows different sub-network of computer access to the content server:

If the server or other computer in a network of the same physical network, only their IP addresses are located in different sub-network within the scope, then you as long as the server for the creation of a new IP address and let the new IP address in other computers The son of the net. For example, if the other in a network of workstations IP address, and the server's IP address, then you can open the server network attribute window and into the TCP / IP interface attribute settings, The window and then click the "Advanced" button to open in Figure 2 shows the set of parameters pages. Then in the "IP address" tab page, click on "Add" button, and in the subsequent window, for the 000-299 server add a "" the IP address because "" address and "10.192. 168.12 "address at the same sub-networks, such as IP address workstations will be able to access to IP address of the contents of the server.

If the other sub-network of computers and servers is not the same physical network, but they can still maintain communications, then you as long as the increase in their three-tier switch or router, we can ensure that they can between each other Visited. If the other sub-network of computers and servers is not in the same physical network, can not maintain normal communications, then you can increase a card to the server and used the card to connect to the twisted pair of sub-specific, Then the card is a sub-allocation of IP addresses, this way we can guarantee a specific sub-network servers and computers in the mutual visits between the information.

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